A leader in Minecraft content: meet CyrixTL

Billy Carney
September 29, 2020

A leader in Minecraft content: meet CyrixTL

Billy Carney

September 17, 2020

@CyrixTL is one of the most popular Minecraft repost accounts on Instagram with 54K followers at the time of this article. CyrixTL runs a number of pages and Minecraft channels, which are detailed below.

Tell me a bit about yourself - where are you from? What are your life goals?

First of all, thank you Billy for having me on. I’d also love to give a big thank you to all the others who have supported me in any way, as this cannot be taken for granted.

As for myself, I live in Düsseldorf, Germany and in my free time I mainly spend time with my girlfriend – she’s the person who motivates me every day. Otherwise, I’m a passionate gamer and market my through multiple facets. When it comes to my life goals, I’d like to one day be independent of social media and build a family with my girlfriend. I want to be able to help her as she has helped me. To achieve this, I have to develop myself further. I work my hardest every day to achieve this goal.

What do you like to do when you're not playing Minecraft?

I spend a lot of time with my time with my girlfriend, but I also like to meet up with friends from time to time. Otherwise, I don't have much free time at the moment. I'm currently working towards my high school diploma. I would like to pick up an instrument to regularly train as well, preferably the piano or guitar.

You have an interesting mix of memes and builds. How would you describe your page?

CyrixTL is primarily a reposting page, but I would say that I differ from the others in a number of ways. For one, I am a content creator myself. I have been active in the professional international Minecraft construction scene for years and also publish products on Minecraft Marketplace.  

I run a YouTube channel as well as some other Instagram pages, which is where I also publish my own content. A big part of what I do is create house-building tutorials, which I primarily post on YouTube.  

CyrixTL was one of the first Minecraft repost sites, and I noticed that there are no Minecraft repost sites that offer both tutorials and memes, which is why I started it.  

Over time it became clear that people liked the content, which is why others started doing it too.  

Ultimately, I see my page as a mix of entertainment and meaningful tutorials/builds. I don't see myself as an influencer, but more as a source of inspiration and game art designer.

Do you run other pages? Would you consider making other pages? What's your favorite part of Minecraft?

I run a lot of different pages, but they each cover different topics and have unique characteristics. Among other things, there is the account @Cyrix.TL, which is also a repost page, but where I only post buildings.

On that page I make individual posts which string together a certain topic.

I also run a meme page and another Minecraft repost page, where I represent the professional international construction scene on Twitter. It’s important for me to be diverse.

As you can tell from my pages, my favorite part of Minecraft is definitely the capacity for creativity. You can recreate everything from real life in Minecraft. You can create messages and leave impressions. It’s interesting to see how people breed ideas on Minecraft. The game is pure art and practice, which is why everyone can create something unique.

What do you think the most common activity in Minecraft is?

I think everyone who has played Minecraft has played Survival mode at least once, whether it be in single player or with friends. A lot of people meet on Minecraft servers and have fun with their friends or others.  

There is such a great variety of things to do in Minecraft, so it’s difficult to say.

Will there ever be a Minecraft 2?

I doubt there will be a Minecraft 2, but I firmly believe that Minecraft will come up with other cool games that are Minecraft-related.  

Minecraft 2 wouldn't be the original Minecraft. It would also be unnecessary to develop a totally new Minecraft, since major updates are now being worked on continuously.

Do you think people who kill villagers for fun are dangerous people?

Cool question for sure. I would say no, since Minecraft is about having fun. If you kill a Villager it might have been because you were angry for a moment, but then you have to laugh. You might also get rid of Villagers because of the sounds they make, which are really weird.

Do you think blocks that smoothly fit in with each other are better? Or should builders diversify?

I think block variations play a big role in building. Usually you work with contrasts, as these improve the structures significantly.  

For example, the light-dark contrast is used in landscapes, which then better emphasizes the shadows and illuminated areas. You can also use mutual contrasts, such as blocks that do not fit with the general theme but look good in some way because of the surrounding blocks. I find it difficult to answer this question, as there are now many and unique possibilities.

You've made a few cinematic YouTube tutorials lately. Do you think YouTube will be your focus on the future or do you prefer Instagram?

I myself enjoy YouTube more than Instagram. The problem with Instagram is that you can't make money through your reach. This hurts when you incur projection costs of putting together builds.  

I also think that you have more options and opportunities on YouTube, albeit it is a more difficult platform to grow at the beginning. Quality is the most important factor on YouTube, but quantity and luck also play roles.  

I will probably continue to use both platforms and focus on quality.

You do a good job of having a steady flow of content every day. Is it ever difficult to find content?

For me, personally, it's not at all difficult to find things to repost. I am a very creative person, so I also find it easy to come up with good ideas. I get a lot of great content from creators who I have known for a while. As I mentioned, I’ve been active in the international construction scene for a very long time. I like to recreate content and bring the content over from Twitter to Instagram, which I try to get to go viral. Most repost pages do not stand out and constantly post the same things. These pages post things that have already gone viral as opposed to posting new builds that have potential.

What do you think the best texture packs out today are?

I only build in default and the Faithful texture pack, so I can’t accurately answer this question. However, I can recommend Conquest Reforged and Stylized, as these two reflect different eras, but have a lot to offer in terms of textures.

How do you see different things in the real world come to life in Minecraft? Any favorite examples?

As I moved through school and started to deal with things in class that are quite complex, I have become more and more aware that things are rarely thought up in Minecraft - everything is linked to reality. I also find that Minecraft can have a very positive impact on people as it can allow you to see things differently and generally be more creative.    


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