Meet Mishal: A Minecraft renaissance man

Billy Carney
November 22, 2020

Meet Mishal: A Minecraft renaissance man

Billy Carney

September 1, 2020

Mishal is a Minecraft renaissance man: he can do it all. Mishal runs the build page @minecraftbestofbuilds, the tutorial page @goatofminecraft, and the specialty page @gameeobuilds. With 200K followers across accounts, his reach across the Instagram Minecraft community is vast and influential.

Welcome to Meet the Streamers, tell me about yourself.

First of all thanks for having me, my real name is Mishal but my friends call me Goat, I live in Mazar-I-Sharif, Afghanistan. My hobbies are playing football [soccer] and reading books. I think reading is extremely important because it helps change the way we think. The gamer that reads can become a great leader for others!

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

I started playing Minecraft in 2014 when a friend of mine showed me Minecraft Pocket Edition. I’ve been playing since.

What’s your favorite thing to do or build in Minecraft and why?

I play a lot of Skywars with my friends. But I’d say my favorite thing to do is to experiment with different building ideas and styles to improve my building skills.

What makes your building style unique?

When building I have four main building strategies: builds should be original, interesting, simple, or easy. I’m constantly switching my focus and working on different pairings. For instance, one build may be original and interesting while another is simple and easy. I think this diversity of style is what has helped a few of my creations go viral.

How has building multiple successful Instagram pages changed your life?

I started my first page, @goatofminecraft, two years ago. My first year wasn’t as great as I had hoped, but the second year was spectacular. I found the key to growth on Instagram was by creating content that was both valuable and consistent. Since then I also started @minecraftbestofbuilds, which helps other pages grow. Being on Instagram has changed my life a lot. My grammar has improved and I’m a more fluent English speaker. Most of all, I’m constantly excited to interact with my community.

What would you say to people who are trying to become better builders?

Everyone has to start somewhere. I started as a noob and kept improving my skill over time. My friend Luki (@minecraft.luki7) once told me that he was also subpar when he first started. At the time I thought to myself “If Luki was once a beginner and was able to get to where he is today, I can become a great builder as well.” If someone wants to become a great builder they just have to keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Practice different kinds of builds, take inspiration, and be creative. Stick to the process and anyone can become great.

When going through a build, how do you know when it’s perfect? Do you ever finish a complicated build, dislike it, and destroy the whole thing?

Great question. When I start building something and it turns out to be something… not so special, I leave the build and move on to another. I sometimes make a mental note that perhaps a few years down the line I’ll see the build again and complete it.  

When starting a build, I begin by placing a number of different kinds of blocks as I go along. I figure out which fits the build real-time, and pivot to the best block for the job, until I get the build I desire.

On your @goatofminecraft page, you post a lot of building improvements. Is there a formula you follow as to how to improve existing structures?  

Being on Instagram has improved my building skills quite a bit. I have learned from many other great builders. As for improving builds, let’s take the example of a simple village house.

First, I think about what the build is missing. I start by adding depth to the build and using a palette that fits the rest of the structure. If I’m building a simple medieval house, I’ll use medieval-style blocks. If I’m building a fantasy-style house, I’ll use fantasy blocks. With that said, I try to stick with blocks that are a similar color to those of the original build.

Through our conversations, it’s clear you’re very involved with the Minecraft community – you know a lot of other builders. How did you get to know everyone?  

The Minecraft community on Instagram is relatively small and new. Minecraft’s official Instagram page only started in December 2017. I was one of the first pages to start early on Instagram. Our community is constantly coming together, whether it be meme pages, content creators, or repost pages. We have a discord group and thus far most of the pages have joined. We have a discord group that we call “Minestagram.” I’d like to thank @admirables_mc, as he’s the one who gathered us all together.

Do you think you've made any lifelong friends on Minecraft?

Yes, of course. The Minecraft community is the reason why I’ve stayed doing this. A few that I have to mention are @minecraft.luki7, @admirables_mc, @ecraftmods, @ibstro, @sentakuto_ and those with whom I always talk; they are the reason why I stayed.

For our audience members who haven’t played Minecraft in a while, is there a style of building or trend that is popular within the game now?

That's a great question and yeah, the recent nether update was a game-changer. Before, we weren't able to build in the nether realm within Minecraft, but now with the 1.16 update, you can build and live in the nether. There are plenty of adventures to embark on within the realm as well.

How do you think Minecraft has been able to remain popular for so long?

Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time outside of Tetris. It has what most other games can’t offer: freedom. You have the freedom to build whatever you want, the freedom to go on an adventure of your own creation and explore things you couldn’t outside of the game. That’s why Minecraft has stayed on top.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I want to thank you again for having me here and for your interest. I want to mention the amazing community and the people of this community. This community has some of the kindest people, as well as others who are more difficult to understand, but we all come together. I want to shout out my friends who have supported me since my very first days: @minecraft.luki7 and @ecraftmods as well as those whom I met later on, as all these people are the reason why I’ve stayed the course.

I have a message for the amazing builders who haven’t started their Instagram account yet. I want them to join this community and help make our Instagram Minecraft community even better and bigger. If we all work together, this community can be amazing.

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