Meeting the man behind the popular @minecraftbuildsdesigns

Billy Carney
September 29, 2020

Meeting the man behind the popular @minecraftbuildsdesigns

Billy Carney

September 3, 2020

@minecraftbuildsdesigns is a popular Minecraft Instagram page that boasts a wide variety of content. In addition to a steady flow of memes, followers can find tutorials for Minecraft's world editor, gold farming, and more. At the time of this article, @minecraftbuildsdesigns has 182K followers on instagram.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi Billy, thanks for having me. I help people improve their gameplay by providing tips, ideas, designs, tutorials, etc. These tutorials are designed to not only help new players improve but to help experienced players and even pros learn something new. I get DMs from players every day telling me how much my content has helped them.

You’ve built a great Minecraft Instagram account. What makes you successful?

Thanks, I think the key is persistence. I’m still hoping to grow further. I have a few goals in mind, like hitting 200K followers on this account and 100K followers on my second account.

You promote some really interesting submissions. How many submissions do you get a day?

I probably average around 20 submissions an hour; of course this number fluctuates.  

Where do you normally get your content and how do you decide what gets posted?

I search everywhere to find the best content for my audience, including multiple social media platforms. Most of the content that gets posted comes from Instagram Minecraft builders. I am constantly using feedback from my audience to make sure I’m posting what people would like to see.

What advice do you give to people who want to submit a meme or build to your page?

The most important thing is to have quality content with a good resolution. I also recommend using shaders. Shaders can really help change the entire look of a build. Texture packs can also be very useful. A quick tip is that when you take screenshots, lower your field-of-view to 30 – this goes a long way in improving image quality.

Do you think Minecraft content is better in photo or video format?

It depends on what you want to post. A short tutorial may be better in photo format while longer tutorials are better in video format. If you’re just posting the build itself I recommend using pictures. You can render photos to make them look realistic and improve the quality.

How has your page’s success changed your life?

I wouldn’t say it’s really affected me as much as it’s changed my lifestyle. I don’t really tell people about my account because I think there’s a potential for people to treat me differently, which I wouldn’t want.

Only my family and two close friends know about the page.

Anything you want to tell your fans?

I’d say my Instagram followers are more like friends than fans. I would say that I won’t disappoint those who have stuck with my from the start to now.

So, you have this great Instagram account. Any other ways for people to follow you? Do you have a YouTube? If you just do Instagram right now, how do you plan to expand?

Yes, I have the YouTube channel, which I just started. I have not posted on the page in a while, there are only two videos up right now. I need to be in the right mindset – when I start, I want to start strong. I have bought a few gadgets to improve the quality, there are just a few more things I need before starting.

Great, thanks again for joining us!

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