Rocket Ideas - the channel, the community, and how to get featured

Billy Carney
November 22, 2020

Rocket Ideas - the channel, the community, and how to get featured

Billy Carney

August 28, 2020

Rocket Ideas (@rocketideas_) is an Instagram account run by a Portuguese University student. With over 22K followers, Rocket Ideas has created one of the most popular Rocket League community outlets on Instagram.

How often do you play Rocket League?  

That is a good question, it really depends. I am currently studying at my University, so I really don't have that much time to play. When I do have time, I usually play an hour or two per day.  

What rank are you?

My current ranks are Diamond 3 at ones and Champ 2 at twos. I don't play threes much, but I was Champ 1 when I did.

What’s your favorite car to use?

I used to play with the Octane, which is a classic. Now that I have more experience, I really like the Fennec's hitbox, it’s now my car of choice.

Who is your favorite RL player?

I rarely watch Pro Rocket League, but I really like Fairy Peak’s play style, so he’s my favorite.

Who do you think the best RL player is right now?

Well, I love Fairy Peak and I know he’s one of the best – if not the best.

What’s your favorite RL mechanic?

I am not much of a mechanical player; I prefer just to play simply. I'd say the musty flick is my favorite though, it’s such a unique flick.

Is there anything that you think Epic/Pysonix should add to the game?

They are doing a great job, but I’d really like to see like a weekly/monthly global ranking system, in which players could win rewards for being on top.  

How do you think a game that is simply soccer with cars was able to get so popular?

In my opinion, Rocket League is so popular due to its uniqueness. You won’t find many other games that offer the beautiful game of soccer with a built in flight mechanic. The idea, the mechanics, and the community have all helped the game maintain its popularity.

I see that you’ve done some RL trading for a profit. Any tips to someone trying to flip items?

I used to trade a lot before playing Rocket League seriously. My steam has over 1,100 hours logged but I really haven’t play that long - I think I’ve played around 400. You can do the math on how much time I’ve spent trading…

Any tips? Well, I'd say, be patient. When the game was small, trading was so much easier - fewer players meant better deals. Nowadays there are many traders, and everyone knows what they’re doing. My advice is stay calm and try to trade only the most popular items. For example, today the most traded item is Fennec, not painted – just the Fennec.

What games do you like besides rocket league?

I used to play a lot of CS:GO, but I wasn't good at all – then I found Rocket League. At the moment I am in love with Fall guys, it’s the newest hit on Steam.

What made you start a community channel?

Mainly to find players to play with. I used to play with some friends, but I started to get better and needed a new teammate to play with to compete at higher ranks. Some people think that I own the page in order to make money – this is partly true, but not the main idea behind it.  

I didn’t start the page with the intention of making any money, I also didn’t really ever imagine I’d be where I am today. If you’re curious, I started being able to monetize around 5,000 followers, when someone DM’ed me to ask for a promo. Now, I’m open to any and all business inquiries.

How many clips do you receive a day?

Around 30-40: unfortunately, I can’t post them all.

What do you look for in a clip? Are there certain things that would make you more likely to post a video?

When I receive a clip, first I see if the player is skilled. I look for high level or impressive plays. Sometimes I receive funny clips or even bugs that people find, which can also provide quality entertainment. Also, the clip needs to be in 720p and unedited. If someone sends me an edited clip I ask for the unedited version, because I edit all my own clips.

What are your plans for expanding in the future?

That is a good question; currently I am waiting for Epic to make Rocket League free. That will boost all the Rocket League pages and content creators, since there will be a lot more people playing. Rocket League was a huge success while it was pay-to-play, so it should be even bigger once its free.  

If I am able to succeed in growing my community I will try to do continue the work I am doing, being consistent is the key.

Have you considered branching off and making your own content?

For sure, initially my page was called "rocketfashion" I used to make Rocket League designs back in May 2018, but I stopped after a month. I restarted in June 2019 as Rocket Ideas, the page I am today - accepting community clip submissions and posting them. I’ve posted one clip of me playing, but my followers are way better than I am!

You also have a Rocket League merch shop. What gave you the idea to sell merch?

Yes, I have one; unfortunately it’s closed now due to covid. The orders were being heavily delayed, so I decided to close it. As for how it started, I used to own a Pokémon community page where I started my own drop shipping business selling Pokémon related merch. When I hit 10K followers I thought I could do the same with Rocket League. It started as a huge success, I got over 100 orders, people loved it. Basically it’s a way to interact more with my community and earn something out of my work on the page, since the advertisements do not pay that much.

Thanks a lot for this opportunity, I have never given an interview, but I really enjoyed it. I will be waiting for more opportunities like this one. Excited to see what you do next.

Check out Rocket Idea's page here.

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