The Roca Difference

Roca is one of the world's fastest-growing media companies.

Within a year of launching in August 2020, we hit 1M Instagram followers with tens of thousands of subscribers to our daily newsletter. We have industry-leading engagement rates on both platforms.

Roca is more than a media company. We are building a community around news that lowers the blood pressure and covers topics people actually care about. The news shouldn’t be alarmist and partisan: It should be nonpartisan, balanced, and informative.

We don’t consider ourselves a life-saving force from heaven, but we do believe there is no news company that can deliver news like Roca can: Factual and enjoyable. We care deeply about engaging our users and cultivating a community among them. We consider you – our audience – our number one priority. We want you to be the most informed person at happy hour.

Our Story

Our founders quit their jobs in August 2020 because they couldn't bear consuming divisive, biased, and fear-mongering news any longer. News media had been deteriorating for years; the pandemic accelerated the trend.

Our founders envisioned a media company that helped people live happier, healthier, and more informed lives. They set out to create convenient news products that did that.

“Roca” is short for “Pororoca,” a biannual wave that sweeps the Amazon River. Surfers come from across the world to surf the Pororoca; it’s a wave that brings people together. That’s Roca’s mission with the news.

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Our Team

Billy Carney

Billy is Co-Founder and Chairman of RocaNews. Formerly a finance professional in New York City, he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Jen Flanagan

Jen is Executive Director at RocaNews. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame and was formerly a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Max Frost

Max is Co-Founder and President of RocaNews. Before, he worked as a writer, editor, and podcast host. He holds degrees from UVA and Johns Hopkins.

Max Towey

Max is Co-Founder and CEO of RocaNews. He is a former podcast co-host who graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

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