Last summer, we quit our jobs to start RocaNews.

The news today sucks, and it gets worse by the month. Everyone seems to feel this way, and why would they not?

News media today is overwhelmingly negative, partisan, and alarmist. Outlets cover topics people don’t care about. Companies make money by raising people’s blood pressures. They spin stories to push political narratives. This is unhealthy, and there’s far too much interesting and enjoyable news  to pretend it's always raining.

We started Roca to build a community around news that lowers the blood pressure and covers topics you actually care about. Unlike legacy outlets, we believe our readers are smart enough to form their own opinions. This is why we present the news as easy-to-read bullet-point facts instead of boring and opinionated 800-word articles.

“Roca” is short for “Pororoca,” a biannual wave that sweeps the Amazon River (one of our founders is Brazilian). Surfers come from across the world to surf the Pororoca; it’s a wave that brings people together. That’s Roca’s mission with the news.

We hope you ride this wave with us!

Billy Carney

Billy is Co-Founder and CFO of RocaNews. Formerly a finance professional in New York City, he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame.

Max Frost

Max is Co-Founder and COO of RocaNews. Before, he worked as a writer, editor, and podcast host. He holds degrees from UVA and Johns Hopkins.

Max Towey

Max is Co-Founder and CEO of RocaNews. He is a former podcast co-host who graduated from the University of Notre Dame.

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