Welcome to Roca: Fast casual news

The news shouldn't be a chore, but decades of the establishment media's partisan and negative coverage have made it one. Roca wants to make the news informative and entertaining by bringing you cutting-edge content in a quick and accessible format.

What's up with the name?


Twice a year, a wave called “Pororoca” sweeps into the Amazon, drawing surfers from across the world and smashing everything in its path. RocaNews wants to do this to the news industry: shake it up while becoming the destination for the people dissatisfied with existing news options. Unlike the Amazon, our website is not infested with piranhas. Let’s ride the wave. #RocaNews

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Why more news?


Our mission at Roca is to inform and entertain. We want you to be the most interesting person at happy hour and informed of each day’s most important stories.

By contrast, establishment news companies profit off of toxicity and alarmism. Most news is relentlessly negative, highly partisan, and embarrassingly out-of-sync with the modern media environment. RocaNews is fast, fun, and balanced. Think of it as the fast-casual option between the junky fast food news on social media, and the overpriced establishment options.

For our original content, we partner with content creators, most of whom don’t fall neatly into the far-left/far-right political divide and write about far more interesting topics than politics.

Check out the Current, our original content hub featuring podcasts, articles, and interviews on the day's hottest topics.

Who's on the team?


Max Frost and Max Towey had the idea to create RocaNews while hosting a podcast for a prominent think tank in Washington, DC. Max and Max sat down with thought leaders and big names from across the political spectrum. This experience and their observations of the digital news environment helped them see the appetite for a platform that filters news through a non-partisan, light-hearted prism. 

Meanwhile, at 3 am in New York City, Billy Carney was working his investment banking job when his college roommate Max Towey first told him about this idea. After months of collaboration, he joined the Maxes to build Roca. In addition to being a co-founder, Billy is the head of esports & streaming (yes, Baby Boomers, esports…no typo there).

Roca is currently based in Washington, DC.

Grab that surfboard. Sorry, *keyboard. Wait, you’re on your phone? Okay, whatever...Let’s ride the wave.