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Today is a bad day to be a restaurant in Los Angeles

Today's Carney Cover

Starting on Wednesday, Los Angeles is forcing all restaurants to shut down to curb the spread of Covid. The ban includes outdoor dining. This move could prove the final nail in the coffins of struggling LA restaurants.  

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The new iOS emojis are fire.

Usually an iOS update means that Tim Cook and Apple are trying to crash your old iPhone so that you have to buy the new one. But Apple has completely redeemed itself with the below batch of new emojis in its latest iOS update. Here are some of the more notable ones:

First of all, we would like to commend the Italian-American community for surviving without that "finger-pinching" emoji on the top row until now. This new emoji is like the Rosetta Stone for Italian-Americans. It has unlocked a world of meaning.

Also, that wooly mammoth emoji will really come in handy! Impossible to have a normal conversation without it. And the fondue one – is that what the red one with the cross is? – is all you need to invite your Hinge date to the Melting Pot.


With the strong vaccine results from Pfizer and Moderna, the timeline for reaching herd immunity is becoming clear. The top scientist for "Operation Warp Speed" said that the first Americans should be immunized on December 11 and that we could reach herd immunity by May!

Back of the line, Brits! Initial results were released for the leading British vaccine candidate, produced by AstraZeneca and Oxford. The vaccine proved 60-90% effective, depending on how it was administered. Pfizer’s and Moderna’s are both 95% effective.

Chris Christie called Trump's legal team "a national embarrassment" for their failure to present compelling evidence to support their voter fraud allegations. He's a confidant to Trump and two-time Trump voter, but he joins the Republican leaders condemning Trump's post-election fight.

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Guitar Center filed for bankruptcy. Sure, the Dow Jones may not rise and fall on the back of Guitar Center, but it is the largest retailer of musical instruments and equipment in the country. Covid proved the final blow and jeopardizes the future of its 300 stores across the country.

One of the all-time great frauds, Elizabeth Holmes (below), is requesting that the jurors for her trial aren't allowed to hear about her luxurious lifestyle while she was CEO of Theranos. Elizabeth Holmes became the youngest self-made woman billionaire through her fraudulent message that Theranos could detect diseases through one or two drops of blood. Long story short, it couldn't.

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The American Music Awards (AMAs) got STEAMY last night. Taylor Swift won her third consecutive Artist of the Year award, though she was not in attendance. Her absence was largely unnoticed as J-Lo and Megan Thee Stallion stole the show with their risqué performances.

A Florida man won the internet -- dominated the internet, really -- by saving a puppy from the mouth of an alligator while smoking a cigar. He didn't drop the cigar for the entire video. As Roca contributor Siraj Hashmi tweeted, this man (below) needs a medal of honor and a statue.

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Joe Burrow's season ended yesterday with a gruesome knee injury that has been diagnosed as a torn ACL. The first pick of the 2020 draft and top ROTY contender went down in the 3rd q. Get better, Joe! We know you'll be back in no time.

Trailing the Raiders 31-28 with 30 seconds to go, Patrick Mahomes found Travis Kelce for a 22-yard score. As magical as Mahomes is, it was his first-ever go-ahead TD pass with 2 minutes or less left in the game.

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The month’s hottest Netflix show is all about the queen – and it isn’t The Crown! Caroline Bryant reviewed the Queen’s Gambit, a thrilling show about chess, life, and addiction that she thinks beats the hype.

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Throughout Trump’s presidency, his opponents have decried him as a uniquely dangerous threat to democracy, a fascist, a Nazi – you name it. If these people actually believed the things they said, wouldn’t it be their moral duty to stop him from getting elected at all costs? Thad Russell makes the argument here.

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